Friday, October 31, 2008

3 Vital Steps To Regain Your Focus So You Can Make Money Online

By Christopher Hall

Making money online is simple, but it is not easy. There are certain steps you must follow to make money with your online business, but it is so easy to get distracted and lose focus. Has this happened to you? Have you lost your focus? Here are three vital steps you need to take to regain your focus so you can make your online business a success.

1. Follow your plan - no, you may not have a formal business plan written down (although it would not hurt to have one.) But you should have some idea of how you plan to make money with your online business. Try this – think back when you first began your online business. You had a mental picture of how it was going to be. Now look at your online business now. Is it close to what you started with? Have you changed time and time again without giving your ideas a chance to work? If so, you need to revisit your plan, make adjustments if necessary, and then stick with it.

2. Remember your customers – remember who? Of course we all know what customers are, but as business owners, it is so easy to forget that they are the reason we are successful. Are you so worried about your business that you have forgotten who makes your business go? If you aren’t giving your customers what they want or need, then your business will die. How do you know what your customers want or need? Simple. Ask them.

3. If it doesn’t make money, don’t do it - this is the main obstacle I struggled with when I first started my online business. I spent my time on things that did not make me money. I focused on my website, checking emails, and searching for the next big marketing method. You know what? My business failed. It was not until I focused on money-making activities (like consistent marketing and list building) that I finally made money online.

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